Don Rebic


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"Don Rebic's fluid, unostentatious piano behind the duo adroitly bridges every stylistic and generational gap."

"There is a new Christmas song written by Don Rebic, who is a great musician, and I heard him do it in a club in Brooklyn one night and I asked him for a copy. I'm doing it in my show, and people come up to me and say, 'Oh my God, what is that song?'"

"[Karen Akers] certainly makes audience members feel like they’re being treated to a swank party in her living room, where she and pianist/musical director Don Rebic just happen to be ready to entertain with an assortment of nearly two dozen playful songs that emphasize the cleverness and panache of Cole Porter’s lyrics."

"Leslie Uggams dazzled the audience at The Apollo in her one-woman, autobiographical musical performance, 'Uptown/Downtown,' which was part of the theater's annual celebration of Broadway...Ms. Uggams was accompanied by a quintet of talented musicians led by Piano Conductor Don Rebic."